Friday, March 28, 2014


Life is absurd
the bubbles on the green pond are absurd
how they bobble and burst

It is absurd that I should living
be sitting here talking in the sun with you
about the paradoxes we already live
know it or not

see it or blind

ears but not hear

hearts but don’t—

it is paradox that the motionless flower
onto which alights the dutiful bee
is made of racing atoms
which form molecules
that photosynthesis races beneath the surface.

it is a paradox that your foot swings bare
back and forth pendulum
while the blood courses back and forth inside
thumping throbbing blue life
and your cells fight battles of wholeness,
while you and I talk in the sun.

that is miracle paradox.

“How do you live paradox?” you ask.

Like questions
asking, asking, asking, asking
living, loving, breathing, breaking, thinking, seeing
into answers we might never see
just do

one day
we’ll see how we lived the photosynthesis
and the buzzing bee

the coursing blood and the quiet words

the mad fights and the calm rocking pendulums

we’ll find at last
(or not)
     that we did always
and never
      yet lived that to


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