Wednesday, February 19, 2014



You should not
so splendid and solitary be
with fine hairs shining
spiked from green stem
bright color design set

I dream you tossing torn
silky petals among a
thousand fellows in birdsong
of a great field where
prairie ripples wave in the sun
water-like, you one
blotched color spot in
shining brown and green.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Theme & Variations on Stillness


I ~

     I am a little pool of water,
         stirring always with motion.
I try to hold the sky in me,
    the blue, blue sky
 but its clarity easily ripples
    in trembling concentric circles shaken outward.
I try to hold the green there
      of slender smooth trees
   stretching above, silhouetting
         slim lines, leaf shapes
    but then silent  spinning  leaf
       hits  my  face
           breaks  reflection.
Water-stillness is frail.

    I am a little pool of water
            fragile to the touch.
      Still  me. 

II ~ 

Lazy and lingering, in sweet slowing sweeps
A lone leaf falls, fleet on slopes of air
In jolt it meets water, face surface leaps
Back in smooth concentric interruption to reflection fair.

Ripples, pulled back, stretched, released, meet
To be intersection of light on smooth face
of treed reflections formed in seat
From liquid cool wet and wide, trembling in lace.

Stirred up, you are nothing but brownness beneath the trees
You have no colored image smiling at sky
Trembled answers to birches stretched and splendoured leaves
Instead, lonely, you blank and troubled lie.

III ~ 

I am a jar of river water all
     shaken up  (it's easy really sometimes
to shake me)  but I have
       methods of order to appear
 cool,   calm,  collected
         and none can guess (though some can see)
the swirling inside, clamoring
         of heart
             mind.         (Which shall win? Or you,
                       Lord Christ?)


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