Saturday, January 11, 2014

from "Riprap"

In my mind, the arguers never stop
the skeptic and the amazed
the general and the particular, in their
   uneasy relationship.

Then the robin sings.

Then the bulb of the lily becomes the stalk,
the stalk opens into a handkerchief of white light.

O what is beauty 
that I should be up at
four A.M. trying to arrange this
thick song?What is beauty that I should
bow down in the fields of the world, as though
someone, somewhere,made it?

O what is beauty
that I feel it to be so hot-blooded and suggestive
so filled with imperative

beneath the ease of its changes,
between the leaves and the clouds of its thousand
    and again thousand opportunities?

~Mary Oliver, from The Leaf and the Cloud 

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