Monday, September 9, 2013

There are no repeats

     There are no repeats of relationships.

There are good habits, bad habits, healthy patterns and unhealthy tendencies in relationships but there are no copies of relationships.

     You will never be friends with another person in exactly the same way that you were friends with that one person, those years ago.
     People are not copies.

Being here, there are a few people that will do or say something that reminds me of another friend, sometimes even the same friend will repeatedly remind me of certain person.  I have to remember what a friend told me just a week or so ago:
     People aren't copies.

Even though they remind you of someone else, they aren't a copy of that person. They are their own person with their own story. Your relationship with them will never be the same relationship you had with that other person.

     There's grace in that. There's freedom. For you who have been in dysfunctional friendships - no relationship is ever the same. There can be multiple bad relationships, but never the same bad relationship, and God might surprise you - what you thought would be terrible might turn out to be wonderful beyond belief. And for those who have had wonderful, deep, friendships and those who have had painful, the world is open wide to you, flung wide, far skies blazing glory, steep roads waiting to be traversed, new beautiful and unique relationships to live.

      Sit and think deep and then speak, thoughtful, clear, and let the words winging spring from your heart into the waiting soul of a friend because they need the thoughts that flow from silence. Listen hard, be present and let the words sink into your soul until you can see whole persons, roots grasping deep dirt, far flung edges and the sweet soul with all of its hard pain and quiet unspoken fear. Look for it. Search it out like treasure to be found.  It is precious and wondrous to behold. There is glory in the human soul if only we have eyes to see.

O open our eyes, Lord, sing courageous grace into our hearts.
may we dare to love a new love each morning.


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