Friday, August 30, 2013

What I'm Into [August 2013]

     What a whirlwind month it has been! I've hardly posted at all, I am sorry, but I'm back with some pictures and stories, so hang tight. I'll warn you though - I didn't read hardly any books this month, or watch hardly any movies. Instead I moved across the country....

Saturday, August 17, 2013


The past week or so have been crazy, I've been packing, unpacking and repacking, trying to figure out what I can bring, and finishing homework that is due before I get there, and meet up with people. Oddly enough, it's not quite as busy as I anticipated, so I've had a little time to think. thus follows, the ten item list.

  1. I have tons of stuff. Too much stuff. The amount of junk I have thrown away in the past three weeks is atrocious. Have you ever gone through your stuff and realized just how much of it there is? Here's what I propose, in order to limit our junk: (a) move often. The more you move your stuff, the less you'll want it, because you have to lug it around with you. You'll find things you don't even remember having in the first place and throw them out because you don't even want them. (b) Don't get any college mail, ever. (c) Don't be even slightly sentimental. Those old trophies from random things you did as a kid? Throw them out. They have your name on them? Too bad. Too harsh? Sorry, I'm crabby from throwing things away and trying to pack the rest.
  2. I could fit my pillow in my new backpack if I really need to, for the flight there. Just in case I run out of room in my suitcase, this is my plan B. When you look at the pillow, the backpack, and back to the pillow, fitting it seems like something of a distant dream, but it is possible. Just so you know because i know you found that fascinating....

  3. Hildegard of Bingen is awesome. When Allison first loaned me her book, it's slightly sketchy looking, titled "Meditations with Hildegard of Bingen" and has very random illustrations. (see pictures above)
     It probably doesn't help that she doesn't really follow with the same logical sequence that we tend to, so it took me a few weeks to get into it. Her free-verse poems (do they rhyme in German? I want to know!) are beautiful (and a little different) and great for thinking through. If you've never heard of her, go check it out!
  4. I discovered this week that I don't own nail clippers. Or a handful of other helpful and indispensable things, such as tweezers, floss, any real quantity of ponytail holders, good scissors, paper clips, a stapler, and various other things that you just naturally share with the rest of your family until you can't anymore. Chances are I'll forget something and three weeks into school freak out because I don't have one. What did you forget when you went to college?
  5. My deep thought for the week: I was finishing up my run on Monday with a cool-down walk, and thinking about Lewis's Til We Have Faces and Perelandra and debating some questions in my head. Here's what I was thinking about: once we, created beings, could talk face to face with God without fear or shame. But then we traded away those faces that could look upon God for the knowledge of good and evil. Since then, in history, men have feared to look upon the face of God, even upon the faces of his terrible angels. Even though it says that "The LORD used to speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend," (Exodus 33:11) when Moses asked to see God's glory, he could only see God's back. And when angels appear to men, they fall to the ground, or to their faces, hiding their face from the vision of holiness. Thus it is that Christ took upon himself the face of a man, that he might come among us and speak with us and minister to us face to face, as it was in Eden. And by him, through his Spirit which abides in us, hovering with warm breast and bright wings, the unlovely face which we chose is slowly being exchanged for the holy face which can approach the throne without fear. Face to face. And thus we come again the the "already and not yet" - we can approach the throne with confidence because we have the face of Christ to mediate for us, and yet we do not yet have the privilege of speaking with God face to face as they did in Eden. Presently we see God only through a mirror dimly, as Paul says, which makes sense. After all, we are supposed to be the reflection of God, but we, because of our sin, dim the glory of God that would be revealed through the Spirit within us. But soon we shall behold him face to face...
  6. My laugh for the week: Allison's fiance Jonny and his brother gave me a going-away present which I was going to take a picture of but packed already. (Story of my life these days, I'm always discovering that I packed something which I want, so I just unpack it and then pack it again.) Anyway, it's a Louisville Slugger bat (the small wooden size, like what you get when you go to the museum, we actually have a few of them) with "The brother bat" written on it in Sharpie. Now I have double defense against any unwanted attention: the orphan dress and the brother bat. :D Thank you very much, now I can depart for college. (But seriously, it was really sweet and I was quite surprised by it. I will miss my two sisters and my two brothers this semester a great deal!)
  7. Orphan dress you ask?   The orphan dress is actually an old Goodwill find that I bought a few years ago. This is the best picture I can find of it: 
The main reason I wear it is because it has pockets and is really soft and comfortable, but Allison abhors it and calls it my orphan dress because the plaid looks like a flour-sack dress and it is pretty shapeless and big on me. The joke was that if I think a guy likes me I'll just wear my orphan dress for a few days to send him on his way. If that doesn't work I'll pull out the brother bat. :)
8. It's so strange to have our closet half empty, my shelf by my bed deconstructed, and the closet shelves emptied. This feels pretty good though:
All of those shelves used to be completely full. Cleaning ninja right hear, ya'll.

9. Because I'm flying Virgin America, it's pretty affordable for me to check several bags, so I'm bringing two suitcases, a backpack, and my violin with me when I fly out on Monday. Every time I tell someone this I get looks and then this image of me at the bottom of a pile of luggage springs into my mind, especially since the entire get-up weighs more than I do.

10. It's crazy to me that I'm leaving in just about a day and a half now, and that I'll be living there for the whole year. I'm so excited, but at the same time I don't even have categories for imagining how it will feel. I hate saying goodbye to the faithful and wonderful friends I've had here, and I know I will miss the closeness of my family, but on the other hand I'm so hungry just to take classes and read good books and think and play some new music finally. What a grand adventure this life is! And how bittersweet!

and now that I've bored you to death with the details of my week, how was yours?


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