Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Homeschooler Part II: Identifying Marks of a Former Homeschooler

     Whether or not you were homeschooled, chances are, you'll meet someone in your life who was. But once you get out of highschool, it becomes harder to differentiate, and people who were once obviously homeschooled now blend in with a crowd. Curious about your roommate? Suitemate? Want to try and figure out if they were homeschooled?
     This isn't an exhaustive list, and it's not a foolproof one either, plenty of homeschoolers will break these molds and many will fit only one or two of them. But chances are, if you were homeschooled you'll recognize a few of these traits in yourself or some of your friends.

(if you missed part 1: How to Survive as a  Homeschooler in a World of Not-So-Sheltered People, you can catch it here.)

1. They read books. For fun. Lots of books. Thick books.

     Now, not every homeschooler I know reads for fun. In fact, a lot of them don't. But most of the people that I do know who do read for fun were or are homeschooled. They read long books, short books, hard books, easy books, and analyze and underline and do it all for fun. When we talk book language, we understand each other.
     If you find yourself re-living the first thirty seconds of this video (on either side of the table!) you probably know a homeschooler:

2. They not only read books, they talk book.

     Do you know what I'm talking about here? These are the people who talk in book references rather than pop culture references. They quote books like no one's business, and half the time you have no idea what they are talking about. (Well, you don't, I don't know what you're talking about when you make pop culture references. I talk book. It's true.) It might be hilarious, but if you haven't read that book, you might not have any idea what the joke is. It's okay. Roll with the punches. They give you courtesy laughs all the time when you quote Big Bang Theory or Friends, so you can reciprocate.

3. They only read Harry Potter recently.

     If you happen to overhear that someone just read the famous Harry Potter books, and most especially that they were older than eighteen when they did, they might be a homeschooler.
    I just read the books myself this past year, because I wasn't allowed to read them as a child. And I know lots of families that weren't allowed to read Harry Potter as kids, and all of them are homeschooled. On the other side, I know homeschool families that let their kids read Harry Potter, but if you discover a recently lifted HP ban, it's probably a result of a homeschool family.

4. They are Disney movie illiterate.

     "I've never seen Lion King."
     "You've never seen Lion King?!?"
     This person was most likely homeschooled. Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the parental caution about Disney movies now that I'm older. But I grew up watching Lion King and re-enacting lion fights, singing and quoting Little Mermaid, playing Aladdin and dressing up as Sleeping Beauty, and I think I turned out okay (though there was a while there where we weren't so sure. ;) If you start quoting a Disney movie and you get a blank stare, that person most likely didn't go to public school.
     Need something more concrete? Just try wearing this shirt around them:
     And if they look at you like a crazy person after they get to the second line, they probably were homeschooled. Otherwise they should be singing. With you. At the top of their lungs. For the rest of the day.

5. They bash Twilight frequently

Oh wait, that's just all people who read good books... never mind.

(But seriously, we joke about burning them. And make fun of them at every turn.)
(But you may just be talking to an English major. 'Cause they know what's up too.)

6. They drive a "mom car".

This may be any older sibling, but if they're in a conversion van or fifteen passenger van, chances are good that they were homeschooled. Is it large? Green? Thirty years old? Yep, they were homeschooled. Nope, they'd rather not drive that car. 

7. When they get tired, they start to use weirder words. 

I don't know if I do this, but my sister definitely does. Now, this person may just be really smart, but if the tireder they get, the longer their words, you may have a homeschooler in your midst. Example?
Allison: "How do you say that... I had to change the vocalization pattern!"
Jessica: "You mean the emphasis?"
Allison: "Yeah! I couldn't think of the short way to say that!"

8. They miss pop culture references

     This goes along with "talking book", but chances are if you have to ask me, "Have you seen thus-and-such?" the answer is "No..." I have many friends who talk fluently in pop culture quotes, references and puns, and I understand about 25% of them. Have a friend who gives you a blank stare when you quote a popular show? You may be in the company of a homeschooler.
~ ~ ~ 

     I know I'm missing quite a few - what would you add? 

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  1. LOL! I was homeschooled all the way through high school, and you could identify me with almost all of these!



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