Saturday, July 27, 2013

Among the Ranks

O let me count myself no longer
Among the ranks of the confident
Who thinking themselves wise
Grow in folly, and imagining themselves strong
Ignore weakness, who, thinking
Themselves clean are instead dirty
And mistake ignorance for courage.

Join me instead with those who
Knowing their folly venture towards wisdom
And seeing their fault attempt to repair it,
Who know they are weak and so deliberate
Before rushing to battle, that they
May be sure of their choice despite
Loud-throbbing betrayal of inner heart's fear,
And fight with strength in the face of it.

Let me not hesitate to admit I am wrong,
Or say too loudly what I have not thought out,
Let me not be too proud to weep and laugh and sing
When the time is right and may I know
   When it is not.

Lead me to be a "little one" always,
Content that He is ever strong.

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