Thursday, May 16, 2013

Outcast: 1 Samuel 22-24


Always running,
always hiding,
you must never be still.
If you stay too long, linger,
the word of you will
trickle through the cities,
down the hills to the valleys,
into the ears of the one-who-pursues.
 He will come. He will not
stay away.
Anger, jealousy, fear
are his demons
and by them he is driven:
to find, to kill. To destroy all
threats to the throne he once
You may honor him—must
honor him—but never trust.
Never entirely give up the life
of sojourning:
every week a different desert
every month a different battle.

And still they come.
Weather and battle-worn;
life-worn and bitter in soul;
young and foolish; fleeing from
debt and disgrace;
middle-aged, fleeing from
famine or grief.
One hundred strong,
three hundred strong,
David and his outcasts
   four hundred strong.
And always on the run, always on the move.
Can you continue to hide four hundred men?
               I must, I can!
One day you must fight back,
    once and for all, take what is yours.
    But oh, for the nearness of a friend,
for steady ground beneath my feet.
         To stand. Stand firm.
To not be afraid.
     To be home.

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