Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Sometimes I feel like weeks barely happen they go by so quickly. Just a few weeks ago I was waiting for my first Thursday student and telling my mom that it couldn't be Thursday already because I just saw that student yesterday. At least it feels that way sometimes.


Today the festivities begin because Allison is graduating from college tomorrow with her Bachelor's degree in something-or-other!!!!!!
(I think it's something like Christian ministries and Intercultural Studies and something else but she changed it and changed it back a few times so now I'm always confused.)
My grammy is flying in from Colorado tonight, and my grandma is driving up from Peoria tomorrow, so it'll be a little party tomorrow afternoon, but in the meantime, it's a mess of who is moving into which room and "shoot, there's not enough space for two people in this room".


I'm so excited for my friend Allison Marie who competed this week in the NCFCA regionals and got 1st place in her open interpretation speech and 2nd place in her persuasive speech. She's crazy good, and I can't wait till I see her so I can make her give me her speeches, even if they are ten minutes long. She's graduating high school this weekend too, and I'm missing it because of the other Allison's graduation (sister trumps friend, that's how the world works), but I'm just so proud of her and excited for her, and I feel so blessed that I get to call her my friend.


I'm so thankful for everyone who commented on the Song of the Land post on Wednesday, because I typed that post up and didn't publish it right away. I wasn't sure it was any good, and wasn't sure I liked it, and wasn't sure it was the worth the work of wading through almost six years worth of photos to include. Every time I would log onto blogger I would get that uncomfortable nudge from God that I was supposed to publish it instead of letting it sit in my post list as a draft, and so I finally gave in. And God is faithful and he is good, and I knew that fire in my bones from holding it in.
I'm so grateful for the encouragement.


Have you heard this song yet?  

         (Ignore the weirdly colored waves and such in this video, just listen to it while you do something else.)
I heard it on Saturday when my friend Kelli sang it for me and made me want to cry because it was so beautiful.



I've been trying to buy it on iTunes, but it is under some delusion that I've never bought anything on this computer before (I definitely have) and keeps asking me security questions which I don't remember ever filling out.
I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to buy anything on iTunes until I give in and call Apple's customer support to reset the questions.
The really annoying thing is that I can see everything in my account and even edit it, but I can't actually buy anything.


 Pet peeve of the week: people who drive ten miles per hour under the speed limit.
Yesterday I had to pick up Kelsey from work, and there was terrible traffic getting there, but on the way back I got stuck behind people who kept going 30mph even when the speed limit was 35 and then 40. This is when I start praying that they'll either turn sometime soon or start driving the speed limit.



Last Saturday I started making some postcards using this tutorial but I haven't had a chance to finish them because since last Saturday I haven't been able to get to the store to get Modge Podge to seal them. I'm excited to make some, because I've got more than half of a sheet of postcard stamps left over from when I was travelling and sending them to friends and family, and I don't want them to go to waste.
Does Target carry Modge Podge?

Happy Friday!
What are you up to this weekend?

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