Monday, April 8, 2013

Rachel: birthing Benjamin

Madeleine L'Engle

Fight the darkness. Fight.
Let the night not rise.
Push the shadows back
with tearless eyes.
Fight the darkness. Bright
is the loving heart
pierced by the sword of light,
thrusting the darkness back.
Let night not rise.
Fight the darkness. Start
the fear-filled fight.
Love is the one surprise
that startles the dark.
Heed not the certain pain.
Hold anger back.
Push the shadows apart.
Dark's loss, light's gain,
fight the darkness, fight,
let it not rise.
Nor fear the pain.
Follow the light
which cannot be understood.
Oh break, my heart,
fight the darkness. Fight.
But O my God I would
push the shadows back
until I see the child.
Love is the one surprise.
I struggle toward the bright
joy that ends the night.

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