Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

  I'm linking up to Jen at Conversion Diary to participate in 7 Quick Takes Friday. Basically, I get to link up (YAY for blog traffic, because practically zero people regularly read my blog) and I get to make a list of seven random things. Doubly awesome. Plus, I'm going to tell you about my final college decision, but first you have to read all the way to the bottom. Muahahaha.


Blog troubles...
I am trying to use Google Analytics to help me figure out how to make my blog more readable/navigable (is navigable a word? Because when I say it in my head it just sounds funny... sort of like divisive. Whenever I use the word divisive people say, "do you mean decisive?" to which I answer, "no, divisive, like it divides people..." and they stare at me blankly. Most of the time. Me and not-real words...) but I am having trouble. I can't figure out if it (google analytics, in case you are lost) is actually scanning my page and I just have had zero stats because I've had zero posts the past week or if I didn't set it up right.
I love Blogger because it is easy to navigate, but I'm pretty close to downloading my blog to Wordpress, because blogger has been incredibly stupid lately. My HTML feed is the worst, like when some tutorial says "search for thus and such" and I search for "thus and such" using CTRL + F and it doesn't show up in the feed, and then I go looking for it myself and find it exactly the same way that I typed it in. Maybe I'm just computer illiterate, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to be able to mess it up when you follow a tutorial word for word.
And I tried about five ways to get a related posts widget instead of LinkWithin, but it wouldn't work. LinkWithin keeps linking posts that aren't even slightly related, so I just sort of gave up, and left LinkWithin because it is better than nothing.
 Thanks for listening to my blogging rant. I feel better now. 


I got to celebrate a belated-birthday dinner Wednesday night with my lovely friend Demi who is in town briefly from Spokane, WA. I didn't get a picture of us that night, but I did get a few pictures of the amazing birthday present. I love her gifts, because they are usually just a random jumble of things that made her think of me, which means that they are super spontaneous.
Exhibit A:
That's her handwriting. She writes me lots of letters. Be jealous.
Exhibit B:
box of birthday goodies... :D
Exhibit C:
quote that I liked (she drew the butterfly. be amazed), candle holder made by a friend of hers, hymn lyrics from Mars Hill Church, some yummy smelling soap, and a sand-dollar from Washington.
Exhibit D:
card, poem, quote.
So, best belated birthday ever. :) The dinner was probably the best part, especially when I told her what I had decided for next year and she freaked out. If we hadn't been in the middle of the restaurant, I think she would have screamed.
I know.
The suspense is something terrible.


I suck at Words with Friends.
I'm a word person, and I am terrible at this game.
I'm playing two separate games at the moment, and I'm losing by more than fifty points in both of them, so, if you ever want to feel really good about yourself, apparently all you have to do is play me in Words with Friends.
I'm currently blaming it on the terrible selection of letters sitting in my tray, but really, I think I'm just bad at it.


My friend and co-leader for our Jr. High group has spent the last week in Haiti and had some pretty amazing experiences. Read all about it on her blog:
Singular Perspective


My newest TV addiction (not really... my TV watching habits could hardly be called an addiction. My parents frequently ask me if I am ever going to watch the shows they have saved on the DVR because I'm so far behind on all of them)
I'll have to keep watching this somehow when I go to school on the other side of the country...
It's so good.
Except, actors who don't play the violin shouldn't pretend like they can play the violin. It becomes atrociously obvious when they actually tuck it under their chin and try to look like they are making whatever violin music is playing over that they haven't the foggiest idea of playing a violin.
Which is a little unfortunate, because I was really hoping this time. . .


A few weeks ago, Kelsey and I made a deal to both wear dresses to church, and then we took this picture:
And then it sat on my camera card for a few weeks. So I thought I would share, because  I think it's cute. Happy Spring!
Too bad it hasn't been quite warm enough to wear dresses again this Spring.
However, I'm sure that with the warmer climate I'll be moving to next year, I'll have plenty of opportunity to wear sundresses. 


Are you dying of suspense yet? Are you still tracking with me? I re-read through all of that and realized that this post contains way too many parenthetical statements, but... I am okay with that now. 

I know I've been giving you some rather vague clues, and I've already told half of you in person, but here it goes.
In the end it came down to Anderson University in South Carolina, and Biola University in California. 

So, after much deliberation, prayer, and math, I finally made the decision that the past two years of my life have been leading up to. 
Next fall I will be attending: 
It's crazy, I know. 
It's two thousand miles away, I know.
It's still extremely surreal, and it doesn't really quite feel yet like it is going actually happen, but it is. I submitted my enrollment deposit and everything. 
I never thought I would say this, but I do really think I will miss all of the snow.
Maybe not. 
We'll see. 

Come August, I will be saying "Goodbye" to the Midwest, and "Hello" to sunny California.

What are you up to this Friday?

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