Thursday, March 21, 2013

[Not Yet] Spring

     I don't know about you, but I'm about ready for some warm weather and sunshine. Despite the cold temperatures, the birds have been singing and the sun has been shining (for the most part), but March came in like a lion and is stubbornly refusing to go out like a lamb. We've had our fill of below-freezing days in March. Personally, I'm still praying for the lamb part sometime soon.
     Next week is spring break for me (yay!) and a long-awaited time of rest after a crazy last few months. I've already scheduled some Holy Week posts for each day so that I'm actually using my week to rest and not worrying about blogging. And after that, it's national poetry month again (cue cheers of joy) and I'll be posting dozens of my favorites. :) But in the meantime, a little spring poem for you.

March Prayer

We are so cold, O Lord,
So chilled we've pulled inside
Ourselves, wound tight; the sword
Of bitter wind is piercing through.
In isolation still we hide,
Where night will fall with forzen dew
and dark forever tears sets divide.

Warm us up, O Christ, Our King,
Melt our hearts to meet thy Spring.
Pour thy rushing torrents in,
Wash us from all toil and sin.
O mend our crooked broken ways,
And lead us from our endless maze
of self-inflicted pride and greed
we want to follow by thy lead.

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