Monday, February 18, 2013

a tour of Boston and a glimpse of Massachusetts

    The past month has been crammed full of auditions, which means I have been flying from  state to state. Since January 31st I've been in South Carolina, California (with a layover in Arizona), and Massachusetts, and this weekend I'll be flying to Minnesota. It's been a whirlwind, and I've slept in my own bed only seven of the past nineteen nights. Until I am settled back in at home and back in my routine, here are some pictures from our quick walk on the Freedom Trail in Boston and our stay in Beverly, MA.

The Massachusetts State House, Originally completed on January 11th, 1798

Park Street Church and the sign for the Boston Common

Granary Burial Ground

A plaque dedicated to Paul Revere at the Granary Burying Ground. We didn't get the chance to see his house, unfortunately.

The Old City Hall.

These two statues stand across from each other in a square opposite the Old South Meeting House. The statue on the left represents pioneers, the statue on the right depicts the victims of the Irish potato famine. The first represents a family arriving in Boston, full of hope and determination, the second, an impoverished family in Ireland in the wake of the potato famine of 1845.

Old South Meeting House

Old State House (ironically, there is a T station underneath the building.) The area in front of the state house is the site of the Boston Massacre.

Fanueil Hall

Quincy market

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