Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Obedience: I. Introduction

    Most mornings I sit down with my Bible and a notebook and a pencil and read, and then if something sticks out at me I'll write for a while. I'll pull out my Oswald Chambers My Utmost for His Highest and read, or whatever other book I'm reading at the time and see if anything connects, and I'll write that down too. I don't journal every time, but usually the frequency of my writing about what I'm reading is a pretty good indicator of my spiritual life: if I'm writing pretty frequently I feel like I'm learning things, I am spending time tuning in to what God is saying, if I'm not writing then it's the result of a dry period. Writing reflects life.
      Every time Ally and I sit down (usually its over texting or phone) to plan a worship night, we go over some themes that have been recurring in our lives, ideas or topics that God keeps bringing up. And then we'll pray about those topics and pick one, or God will lay a completely random one on one of our hearts and we'll do that. But I realized after doing four or five of these worship nights that every time Ally asked me what the themes were in my life (what God has been teaching me about), obedience just kept coming up. We haven't used it yet,  but I looked back in my notebook that I use with my Bible reading and discovered that it's something God has clearly laid on my heart recently. It seemed like almost every other page was about obedience.
     Obedience. It's not exactly the number one best selling topic among Christians. We prefer topics like "God's Promises" and "God's Forgiveness" and "God's Presence". "God's Love" and "God's Mercy". Those are all wonderful topics, and I need to be reminded of them, but on days when I've spent too much time reading blogs and stalking people on Pinterest, I need God's reminders about obedience. Maybe I'm not the only one.

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