Sunday, October 14, 2012

Your Head to Your Heart

(Today's post is a guest post by my dear friend Allison Marie. She is a dancer, fellow student, a terrific writer and a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. The text of her guest post comes from a devotional she gave at a worship night we hosted recently. Enjoy!)

2 Timothy 2:1-13
1 Timothy 6:11-16

As my dad once said, “It’s not just about the head, it’s about the heart. The 18 inches between your head and your heart is so crucial.” When he said this it automatically struck me, because I had been doing a lot of thinking, praying, and journaling about the difference between knowing things and actually believing them. The gap between your head and your heart. Your head knows something and your heart believes that something, your heart is what makes things real.

The Bible says we need to be growing in all knowledge and understanding (2 Peter 3:18), but there is a major problem when knowing something is where we stop. When we are okay with just knowing something and not believing it… the 18 inches…

It is one thing to know God is good and another to truly believe it. It is one thing to know God has a plan for you, and another to trust that His plan is the perfect plan and leave the outcome in His hands. It is one thing to say, “The Lord died for my sins,” and another to believe that truth with your whole being and to live like the King of Kings died for a sinner like yourself.

Do we really believe and trust that God is who He says He is? Do we really believe and trust that God is bigger than all our problems and that He can handle them? Do we really believe that all we have to do is stand still and watch the Lord fight our battles for us? Do we really have faith that God’s will is perfect? Do we really put our hope in Him alone? Do we really believe He can move mountains; or that He can really heal the sick, the blind, the weak, the lame, the brokenhearted? Do we really believe that it is only by Christ’s blood that we are saved, not by our good works? That we do not have to do anything, but confess that Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts that He rose from the grave, to be saved (Romans 10:9)?

I know all these things, but are they REAL to me? Are they my only lifeline? Are these truths the things that I cling to? Are these the truths that I love to tell people? Or do I turn to other things to fill me: books, movies, people, possessions, wealth, etc? This world and the things of this world are vanishing like a puff of smoke… in the end, they burn. What will be left? What is it that I am putting my trust in? Do I only know these things and talk about them to sound like a “good Christian?” I’m tired of just sounding like a “good Christian.” I want to live like one—I want to believe in all that I know to be true. I want to tear down the barrier of 18 inches between my head and my heart. I want to not only know, but I want to believe that I can do nothing without the Father, that nothing in this world matters but the Father.

My worries don’t change who God is.

My feelings don’t change what God has done.

My actions don’t change God’s love for me.

My failures don’t change God’s perfection.

I don’t control God. My life doesn’t shake up God’s master plan. He knows. I want to believe that He knows, not just know that He knows.

My prayer is to be a runner who gets the prize. A warrior who wins the war. A worker who works heartily onto the Lord. A fighter who fights the good fight. A ship who sails to the ends of the earth and back. A Child of the King who kept the faith; who didn’t just have a ton of head knowledge, but whose heart was actually working too; who didn’t just know, but believed. Someone who brought glory to Him and not myself all the days of my life.

Lord, grow me in the knowledge of who you are and what you have done for this world. To gain your wisdom. But Lord, please, don’t let it stop there. Grow my heart. Make your Word real to me. Tear down the barrier between my head and my heart. I want to see you working. I want to hear you speaking. I want to feel your presence, to feel you close. I want to believe that you know best and that your plans are perfect. I want to trust you more completely. Give me faith to move mountains. Faith to shake the nations. Faith to be still before you and believe that you are bigger than all my worries and fears. May you be my one desire. Pour out the Spirit to change me into your likeness. All my hopes, all my dreams, all my desires, all my worries, all my pain, all my brokenness, all my needs… I lay them down. Wholly surrendered… Completely broken. And made full in you alone. Lord, help me to do more than just know things, but to make things my own—to believe. To fight the good fight. To finish the race. And to keep the faith. Increase my faith, God.


Surrendered before Him. Praise be to The Father. Jesus alone saves. Amen.

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  1. Henri Nouwen has some interesting things to say in moving our prayers "from our heads to our hearts" as well. It's a marvelous, painful endeavor though, isn't it? :) Fight the good fight! He who called you is faithful,and he will give you strength to persevere!



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