Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Because the Few with signal virtue crowned
     The heights and pinnacles of human mind,
Sadder and wearier than the rest are found,
     Wish not thy Soul less wise or less refined.
True that the small delights which every day
     Cheer and distract the pilgrim are not theirs,
True that, though free from passion's lawless sway,
      A loftier being brings severer cares.
Yet they have special pleasures, even mirth,
     By those undreamt of who have only trod
Life's valley smooth; and if the rolling earth
     To their nice ear have many a painful tone,
     They know, Man does not live by Joy alone
But by the presence of the power of God.

                               ~Richard Monckton Milnes,
                                                           Lord Houghton

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