Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Week: Thursday

(Today's post is a guest post from my sister Allison. Check out her blog for more poetry and theological musings: )



I can't stand anymore;
it's too heavy.
my whole being is throbbing,

Intense pain
I see his hand, stretched out toward me,
and I turn away in shame
and something like hatred.
But his hand is still there, waiting.

Finally, desperation overcomes;
I reach for him;
put it in his hand.

I see the rest of him now;
I see his face twist in aguish,
And the pain in his eyes makes me want to weep.

I see him stagger backward, under the weight;
I see the blood making rivulets down his face.
I hear his agonized, tortured breathing.

And I realize my world has stopped spinning,
the pounding in my head has ceased;
strength creeps back into my bones
and I can stand again.

And I am free.

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