Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Women of the Cross

     We want to be women of the cross.

     We want to live for Christ; to die for Christ; to every day submit the selfish desires and needs and worries of the self over to the altar that they might die. We want to walk by faith.

     We want to be women who abide. We want to be intercessors, message-bringers, light-bearers, grace-givers.

     We want to be grown down deep into the love of Christ and grown up maturely into the wisdom of the Father. We will cling to the Cross, hold to the firm foundation that will remain when all else crumbles. We will hide ourselves in Christ who is the Refuge, the Solid Rock, the Redeemer and Savior, the Lover and Healer.

     May the Spirit fill us, use us, lead us, grow us, and sanctify us, that on the Day of Christ Jesus we will be presented pure and blameless before the throne, to the glory of the everlasting God.

     May we be women of purity, of faithfulness and patience, to wait upon the answer of the Lord. May we be equipped by the Sword of the Spirit, the Belt of Truth, the Sandals of Readiness, defended by the Shield of Faith, protected by the Helmet of our Salvation and the Breastplate of Virtue.

     We want to be women who hunger and thirst for righteousness; who yearn for the restoration and thick fullness of the presence of God, who glory in our weaknesses because His strength is enough for us.

     May we be women of brokenness, that the grace of God might be made manifest within us. May we be women of truth, spoken in love and tender kindness.

      May we be humble servants, faithful disciples, committed followers, devoted lovers, trustworthy friends.

    We want to be soaked in the ever-cleansing, all-redeeming, never-failing blood of the Savior who gave his life for us. May we give ours for him: in every word and thought, in every deed and step, in all our living and loving and our speaking and our doing may we never let go of this:

     We want to be women of the Cross.

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