Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Long Delay

     A quick note before the poem—this was a school assignment based upon Milton's On His Blindness. If you have never read it, you can read it here. The assignment was to write an original poem based on the style of a poem that I'd memorized, expressing similar sentiments. I had previously memorized Milton's On His Blindness and the words "They also serve who only stand and wait" had been an enormous encouragement as I considered the prospect of staying home next year and taking the year off of school. I wrote my poem with the same rhyming pattern and idea. Here is the result.

The Long Delay

When I look, and see the vast
     Array of humankind passing their way
     Steadily, as the world revolves from night to day,
     How they bear each their mild yoke, I am passed
By those who at His bidding speed and I, last,
     As I stand and only wait, ache that to stay
     While all journey on is my portion and my pay.
     I too desired to venture far and wide, but cast
Is the lot, and my burden falls with pain
     "They also serve" he says, and protests die,
     Fade, melt. All joy is found within his will.
But is that will, when all have gone, to yet remain?
     "If all is stark and bare, nevertheless, I will draw nigh,"
     He promises, who was and is, and goes on still.

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