Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Glass Cage

You have built around me
A glinting cage of glass,
Which I dare not touch
But peer from as you appraise
Me from the exterior.
I look better behind this fa├žade,
But ache to reach out my hand in order
To grasp yours, watching the glass
Shatter and shower to the ground.
I wish to limp out, scratched
And scraped and weep on your shoulder,
Stretch, walk, stumble, run, dance,
Without the glass to confine.
But with passing remarks and
Silent cues we are steadily reinforcing
The glass until it is crystal, the crystal
Until it is diamond,
And now I have become the very
Glass itself.
                A mask, a beating heart within
       A body of glittering diamond.

O Lord,
       break me.

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